Монопородный питомник
кошек породы
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Kittens GingerLand*BY can move to new owners since 3 months, they are socialized, accustomed to the tray and scratching. For each kitten, a Veterinary Passport with the necessary vaccination marks and a pedigree is established.

For the owners of our graduates, we provide assistance in ordering fodders, fillers, vitamins and other pet products, which can be purchased at a discount of our kennel.

By type, we prefer the right classics, combining extreme Europeans and American lines.

Kittens can be pre-recorded before they are born.

If you decide to purchase a pet in our kennel, write us a letter, always indicating:

  • Your name • Your contacts, for feedback
  • What kind of kitten do you want to buy: breeding quality (pet, breed, show), color, sex
  • Your place of residence - city
  • Are you ready to come for a kitten to another city, or do you need delivery
  • Do you have experience keeping cats or other pets?
  • The safety of your home (the security of windows, balconies, cottages)
  • The presence or absence of other pets • Having young children
  • Special conditions that you would like to specify when purchasing a kitten

Helpful information:

  • A metric or pedigree on a kitten given out by a club belonging to one of the world's recognized felinology systems ensures that you have bought a really thoroughbred kitty - Maine Coon.
  • The presence of genetic tests in the parents of kittens, can reduce the risk of inherited diseases.
  • Presence of titles from parents does not guarantee their presence in descendants.
  • A kitten can have a prefix "show", only in case of direct participation in various shows, when this animal regularly takes high places, gets into BEST, has a show temperament and so on!
  • Binding "for health" does not reduce the sexual desire of the cat / cat, as childbirth and feeding of litters do not bring health to the cat!
  • Castration does not harm the psyche or health of the animal, and for animals not participating in breeding, it only benefits!


Питомник имеет официальную регистрацию в валидной международной фелинологической системе FIFE.


Котята передаются новым владельцам полностью социализированными и воспитанными, приученными к туалету и когтеточке


Котята имеют полные пакеты документов: ветеринарный паспорт, метрику или родословную, договор купли-продажи и акт о передаче котёнка.


Животные в питомнике находятся под постоянным присмотром ветеринара и выпускаются только после полного курса вакцинации и дегельминтизации.